duvel belgian ales

duvel belgiam ale

duvel single fermented belgian golden ale
duvel tripel hop belgian ale
$12.99 / 4pk

free duvel glass w/ any two 4pks!!

june Winery of the Month

june national craft brewery of the Month

Brewery Ommegang

Rosetta - $9.99 / 12oz 4pk

Pale Sour - $9.99 / 12oz 4pk

Abbey Ale - $9.99 / 12oz 4pk

Apripeche - $10.49 / 12oz 4pk

Solera - $10.49 / 12oz 4pk

neon lights - $11.99 / 16oz 4pk

neon rainbows- $11.99 / 16oz 4pk

Three philosophers - $14.99 / 16oz 4pk

Three philosophers - Bourbon barrel aged - $16.99 / 16oz 4pk

Three Phil. w/ Blueberry & coffee - $18.49 / 16oz 4pk

free ommegang neon rainbows glassware w/ two 4pks!!

june wisconsin craft brewery of the Month

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j.lohr vineyards

Cabernet Sauvignon


$11.99 / 750ml

Sauvignon Blanc

$9.99 / 750ml


$8.99 / 750ml



$6.99 / 750ml

june seltzer of the Month

lakefront brewery

AL, Eastside Dark, Fuel Coffee Stout
Hazy Rabbit, IPA, Juicify
Premium Lager, Raspberry Nimbus
Riverwest Stein, Wisconsinite
$8.49 / 6pk

barrel-Aged Doppelbock
Barrel-aged cacao imperial stout
$14.49 / 6pk

Hazy Rabbit, IPA, Premium lager
Riverwest stein, variety packs

$13.49 / 12pk cans

IPA, Riverwest stein, variety packs

$15.49 / 12pk bottles

free lakefront pint glass w/ two 6pks or one 12pk!!

quirk seltzer

'berry & botanical' variety pack

'splash of citrus' variety pack
$15.99 / 12pk

free quirk glass w/ every 12pk!!

june import brewery of the Month

ale asylum brewery

keep 'er movin'

$7.99 / 6pk

ambergeddon, beerio, demento, fvck covid
hazy hopolicious, madtown nutbrown, plush crush
serenity, vax on vax off
$7.99 / 6pk

apocolypse bingo
$8.99 / 6pk

velveteen habit
$12.49 / 6pk

keer 'er movin'

$12.99 / 12pk cans

$13.99 / 12pk cans or bottles

free ale asylum pint glass w/ two 6pks or one 12pk!!